We are glad that you want to know step by step process of publishing your course in Unanth. Below is simple process of uploading your course.

Keep below ready before you start publishing your course.

  1. Course Basics: Title, Pre-requisites (if any), Target Audience and Summary.  These are very important aspects of your course as these details are visible to all the site visitors who clicks on your course. 
  2. Course Image & Course Introduction video:  These are also visible to all visitors and help them decide whether to buy your course or not. So make sure you have relevant, attractive image and good quality promotional video. This video should explain what is the course about, who are the target audience, what the students will learn by taking this course and brief description of content. This should not be more than 1-3 mins in duration.
  3. Course Content: Your course can be of video, audio, PDF, text or quiz. But it has to be minimum 75% video based in order to get approved. Structure your course in to "Sections" and "Lectures". So that it looks like below.


Once you are ready with above data,

Once you are ready with above data, please follow below steps to upload course.

1) Login to Unanth.com and click "+create course" button in the home page.

2) In the course creation page, please enter course details ( title, pre-requisites, target audience etc..) and click save. 

3) Upload course image and course promo video.

4) In the Curriculum tab, click "Add Section+"  button. Enter the title of the section and and click save.


5) Press "+" in the section tab, step 1 below. Then press "add Topic" step 2 below.  Enter the section title, description and then select video ( or other content type) and upload file. Once upload in completed, submit.  

6) Repeat above steps to add more sections/lectures. Once completed you can preview them.  Post your review, press "Publish". In case if you want stop in between and come back, you can find your WIP ( work in progress course in ) Login-> take mouse to user image on top right side menu-> dashboard->My Teaching.

Happy course publishing.