We are glad you choose to publish your course in Unanth platform.  Publishing in our platform is free and you can publish as many free or paid courses as you like. We operate on win-win principle, where tutors bring amazing content and we bring huge traffic.

Primarily sale of course can happen in on of below 4 scenarios (sales source):

  1. Tutor:  Tutor create coupon code and send the link to students. Students click on that link, register in site and complete the sale.
  2. Unanth Organic: Students finds course/platform through search results or directly type the address and complete the sale.
  3. Unanth Paid Ads: Students find the course/platform via unanth paid ads (like PPC, facebook ads, email marketing etc) and complete the sale
  4. Affiliate: Students find the course/platform through affiliate link and complete the sale.

Student source is, who bought the student to our platform. There can be below 2 scenarios.

  1. Tutor:  Students register first time in the platform via link generated by tutor.
  2. Unanth: Students register by typing in platform address. 

Below  is the table of Revenue share between tutor, unanth & affiliate.


Unanth Revenue Share

In short, tutors can earn up to 100 % ( minus payment gateway charges, 4%) if they bring new students to site and sell the course. If unanth sell the course then can earn between 75 - 50 %.  If sale happened through affiliate tutor will earn 25%.

Remember you can sell any course as an affiliate ( if you have at least 1 published paid course).