All tutors who publish paid courses must have contract with Unanth Technologies Pvt Ltd, Singapore through accepting its terms and conditions. Unanth pays to its tutors through PayPal.  Right now this is the only option you can get your payment.  If you don't have PayPal account please create one from your country specific PayPal website.


Below are the steps for tutor payments


  1. Tutor Agrees T&C for paid course, provide PayPal account and address details.
  2. Publish paid course.
  3. Month 1 (say January) students purchase course, payment comes to Unanth.
  4. Month 2 (say February) Unanth process if there are any refund requests from students.
  5. Month 3 (say Mar) Unanth transfers your revenue share from Month1 sales to your PayPal account.


As a tutor you can publish any number of courses and we process all your payments as per above steps.


While we are exploring other options to facilitate payments to our tutors, right now PayPal is the only way to settle tutor payments.