Well, for many of us its daunting task to select the right equipment, configure the right settings, select the right ambiance etc. in order to get perfect and desired quality videos. With so much variety in the types of recording equipment out there for video and audio, we know it can get overwhelming!


But don't worry, we are here to help you.  Please go through below articles for more information.


  1. What equipment I need?
  2. What kind of environment I need to shoot my videos?
  3. How to deliver training in front of camera?
  4. How can I edit my video for final version?


Still looking for some help?  Reach out to Unanth support team. Log a support ticket team in Unanth support portal, we are happy to help you out.

If you are not a gadget freak and short of time, you may think of hiring professional videographer to shoot your lectures.


Please remember to shoot ~30 second video and send to Unanth team for review. This way you can avoid rework on your videos.