Promo videos is the most important part of your overall Unanth course. Any visitor to site can watch this video and form a first impression about you and your course. Students who watch a good promo video are 3X more likely to buy your course. Promo video servers as preview of your course and should reflect the actual experience what student will get inside the course.


Think promo video as trailer for your upcoming blockbuster movie!!! The end objective of your promo video is to generate excitement in the student and prompt him to buy your course. But please note that it should reflect the real sense of your teaching style and the content that you’ll cover


Please note below guidelines while making your promo video


  1. Keep it short, ~ 90 to 120 sec.
  2. Show yourself in the video, if you are using slideshow keep your "talking head" in the corner of screen. Make sure you are clearly visible.
  3. Consider adding some background. It will make video more engaging.
  4. Produce the video for high quality output. If you are using slides, make sure you use the larger fonts. Keep in mind that students may use their mobiles and tablets to see this video (smaller screens)
  5. Be true to your rest of the content. The voice, content, presentation style etc should match the rest of the course.


Below are the recommended content of your promo videos. You are free to change these as per your course as long as you meet end objective.


  1. Put your course image for first 3-4 seconds with background music.
  2. Introduction / Overview  ~ 20 seconds : At a high level, describe the benefits of the course, what is covered, and what skills the student will have upon completing the course. In the introducing part you may talk about your work experience, companies you worked or trained, book/articles you published, number of years you worked or teaching etc. This will give credibility to your students. Also state the real world benefits and skills students will get if they take this course rather than abstract / generalized concepts.
  3. List the content ~ 20 - 30 seconds : List ( not description) the major components of the course. Think of this as a bullet list. Please restrain yourself on explaining each chapter. Remember you are not teaching (yet) in promo video, you are promoting the course.
  4. Describe your target student  ~ 20 - 30 seconds :  Talk about who is the ideal student for your course. Think what role your ideal students will perform, and what they want to do in that role, but has some challenges currently have. For ex, " I designed this course for "project Managers" who want to "track their projects effectively" but doesn't know how to use "Microsoft project plan" Here role your target students want to play or playing is "project managers", they want to do " track their projects effectively" , current challenge they have " doesn't know MPP tool".
  5. Thank note and strong call to action ~ 20 - 30 seconds : Thank your potential students for watching your promo video, and let them know the next steps to purchase the course. For example  "Thanks for watching this promo, If you’re ready to learn more and sign up for the course, go ahead and hit that Enroll button. See you in the course!”


To summarize, keep your promo video short and sweet. Promote your course don't teach any thing in promo video. True to your content. Should match with Unanth's video & audit guidelines.