While you control the price of your course, Unanth have marketplace price standards in order to ensure the right balance between price and value for students. We also offer guidance based on marketplace data, in order to help you find the best price for your course.

Below are summary of what you can do with pricing of your course in Unanth.

  • Your Unanth course can be paid or free.
  • You can change from free to paid course once. 
  • But you cant change from paid to free.
  • If you want to publish a paid course, you need to provide your PAYPAL account information (mandatory).
  • You can increase or decrease the price of your course any time.
  • Your course has to be between SGD 9 to SGD 300. (Please contact Unanth if you want to price your course beyond SGD 300)
  • General rule of thumb is ~ SGD 35 per hour of content.  So typical course is around 3 hrs and priced ~ SGD 100.


We truly believe that optimum price will evolve over time and it is dependant on topic, quality, demand and other similar course price. We recommend you to do the  simple search in google to understand the market on this topic.