Unanth course is structured in to Sections and Lectures as below. 


Lecture 1

Lecture 2


Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Once you are clear on what exact topic you want to teach, create a rough outline of your course on piece of paper. Organize your lectures in to sections logically. Please check you have introduction and summary for each broad area in the course. Once you have structure written down in paper, go ahead and create below template in word /excel and fill the information as below.


Course Structure: Fill out below table to organize your course content into sections and lectures. Give each a name and specify the Lecture Type. In the Lecture Description box, briefly write on what you’ll be covering in that lecture. Once you filled below information for each of your lectures,  you may send the outline to Unanth team for review.

Section Name

Lecture Name

Lecture Type

Lecture Description

1. Introduction to the Course

1. Welcome to the Course!

Video: Talking Head / slide show

I’ll give the summary of this course as well as review the supplemental material and assignments. I’ll also touch on why the course will help students, and what they’ll get out of it once they’ve completed it.