Wow! We are glad you are here. Let's see how to teach online by building Unanth course.


What is Unanth Course?


Unanth course is skill based  on-demand elearning content with an aim to teach student particular skill. The Unanth course mainly consists of video based lectures but also a combination of audio, Quiz , text, downloadable supporting material, real world exercises and projects. Overall objective of Unanth course is to give students an opportunity to learn actionable skills that will help them to take their life to next stage.


Unanth course is structured mainly in two components, SECTIONS & LECTURES.  Sections are main topics and Lectures are sub topics.



How to create Unanth Course?


Creating Unanth course is simple 4 step process.


Step 1: Planning / Pre-Production Process


 Planning is first and very important step in the course creation process. It makes the foundation for the rest of the creation process.


  • Decide the topic: You probably have an idea on what topic you want to teach.  Most likely a broad topic (for ex, Java, android etc). But its time to get specific. Think of your target audience and come up with specific topic (for ex, java for absolute beginners, Learn Android by building 3 apps etc). Do some R&D online and check what courses are available in the same topic on other sites. Think how can you differentiate your course on Unanth.  Remember, differentiated course with specific target audience will shine on marketplaces.


  • Draft course Goals: Course goals explain students what will they learn after taking your course. This also helps you to structure your course. Keep your target audience in mind and also make sure you are setting right expectations to them.


  • Draft course structure: This is  where you scope your course. Write down major sections of your course you want to cover to achieve the goals. Make sure you include introduction, details and summary sections for each broader area.  Break down your course into individual sections and lectures. Write a lecture description for each lecture, summarizing what students will learn.  Also think about what additional lecture types you will use apart from Video (60% of your course should be video based to get an approval from Unanth) to enhance student learning experience.


Step 2 : Production Process


 This is the crux of the entire course creation process. Imagine yourself as both director, writer and actor of international film.


  • Select production environment & equipment: Setup production studio at your home/office (don't worry, this can be any calm place  at your home where you can record your course videos). Select your production equipment ( there are wide variety available in market).


  • Draft and Practice your script : Practice your script in front of mirror or friend will make you perfect. Avoid 'umms' & 'ahs'.  Demonstrate genuine emotions and excitement. This helps in creating overall positive learning experience for your students.


  • Create test video & Submit to Unanth : Create a quick, ~20 second long video to test out your audio, video, and editing setup to make sure you’re on track for creating high quality videos. Submit this test video to Unanth for feedback. You can log the support ticket in Unanth support portal.


  • Create Videos : Make sure you use the same setup (if your test video is approved by Unanth's team) of your test video. If Unanth team advise any changes make sure you do those changes before creating videos. you can use different video styles appropriate for your course like, talking head, slides, screen recoding, drawing borad etc.


Step 3 : Post-Production Process


Here you will do final touches to you course and getting it ready for Unanth marketplace.


  • Review & update course summary, title etc : Now you know the full content and structure of your course, please review and update you course summary, title etc. Course summary should tell students on 1) content of your course 2) how they will benefit from this course.


  • Create course image & Promo video : Create image for your course. Make sure it meets Unanth guidelines. Remember course image is like front cover of a book or poster of a blockbuster movie. Similarly promo video is the one any visitor to site can see on course landing page without being registered on site. So this is very important and its like a trailer for your blockbuster movie.


  • Instructor Bio :  This is where you present yourself as an expert in the subject you are teaching. “credibility” is the most important factor in choosing an online course by potential students. So it’s critical to present your expertise in your Instructor Bio to boost student confidence and enrolments. Don't forget to include social proof. Don't give any links in instructor bio, instead use the designated links section for the same.


  • Set up price, Paypal info (if paid course) : Apart from credibility and quality, price is another important factor in influencing students to make buy decision. While you can set price for your course, you need to follow certain marketplace rules for this.  Also if you are publishing paid course, providing  your paypal information is mandatory.


Step 4 : Publish Course Process


Congratulations!!! you are here. Preview your course and do self check using checklist. Publish your course. Once you published your course Unanth team will review it and reach out to you if any thing needs improvement. Else Unanth team will approve your course so that it starts appearing in the marketplace. Happy teaching.